Stanton Healthcare Implements New Protocols During the National Emergency to Combat Coronavirus

BOISE, Idaho, March 16, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ — Stanton Healthcare based in Boise, Idaho is a movement of life-affirming women’s medical clinics that specializes in serving women with unexpected pregnancies and has national and international affiliates along with a public policy center in Washington, D.C.

During this national emergency for the coronavirus, pregnant women are one of the most vulnerable, neglected and needy communities.

Stanton is looking for ways to network with local churches, community organizations and healthcare professionals to provide information, support and care for pregnant women.

Brandi Swindell, CEO and Founder of Stanton Healthcare, states,

“Every American is understandably concerned and worried about the uncertainty our nation is facing with the coronavirus crisis. This is especially true for pregnant women who are deeply concerned about how COVID-19 will impact their pregnancy and pre-born child and are being overlooked during this national emergency.

“At Stanton Healthcare we recognize these concerns and are doing everything we can to provide comfort, assurance and support to these expecting mothers. First, Stanton has implemented new protocols for our clinics with things such as enhanced cleaning and sterilizing procedures, providing masks for clients if requested and updated information from the CDC.

“Stanton is also looking for ways to network with local churches, community organizations and healthcare professionals to reach expecting mothers with emotional, spiritual and practical support. Finally, we want to continue to supply necessary items to our mothers during this difficult season and we are currently addressing the baby wipe and diaper shortage.

“During this national healthcare emergency, Stanton will ensure that there is no interruption in the quality of care we provide. As our doors remain open, we will be adding online client advocacy care visits, consultations with our medical staff, webinars for our mothers, current updates on COVID-19 and wellness encouragement for those who are social distancing and/or symptomatic.

“It is essential during this national health emergency our communities do all within their power to assuage the fears and concerns of our mothers.”

Nancy Ferris, Stanton’s Director of Operations, adds,

“During this national health emergency, it is especially important that our Stanton moms and pregnant women everywhere know there is support and guidance. In response, Stanton Healthcare will continue to be a place of hope with the highest standards and protocols.

“We exist to serve one of the most vulnerable populations who are especially impacted during the COVID-19 crisis and we are diligently working to address and reduce their stress and anxiety.

“Working with Stanton’s nurse practitioner Jennifer Malberg-Grant MSN,WHNP-BC, our medical director, Dr. Earl Crandall MD, and following the guidelines of the CDC, we will ensure our clients get the best possible care. Dr. Crandall has over 30 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology and is one Idaho’s most respected physicians.”