Pro-life lobbyists train activists for combat against pro-choice foes at March for Life conference

By Ryan Lovelace – The Washington Times – Thursday, January 23, 2020

March for Life organizers on Thursday prepared leaders of its 100,000-member march for how to navigate the type of aggressive counterprotesters and hostile news media that menaced a Catholic high school group last year.

At a conference at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Washington, the pro-life movement’s top lobbyists urged 800 activists to lead Friday’s march with compassion, courage and graciousness.

Brandi Swindell, founder of pro-life clinic Stanton Healthcare, organized a D.C. protest at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office earlier in the week and encouraged the activists to adopt a fighting spirit.

“You are the abortion lobby’s worst nightmare,” Ms. Swindell told the activists. “And we’re not going to stop until every baby is safe from the violence of abortion.”

March for Life Action president Tom McClusky told the activists they need to reclaim the “L-word,” lobbying, in pursuit of the pro-life agenda. Mr. McClusky, the march’s top lobbyist, encouraged marchers to view themselves as lobbyists like him when they take to the streets of Washington Friday.

“I have one the best jobs in the world because one — look what I lobby on: babies,” Mr. McClusky said. “What could be better than lobbying on babies? Maybe the association of puppies would be second.”

Last year, Covington Catholic High School students sporting pro-Trump apparel encountered anti-Trump protesters after the march, which was captured on video and led to hostile media commentary about the Kentucky students that resulted in litigation.