Activists Weigh Federal Lawsuit to Ensure the Presidential Inauguration is Held to the Same Crowd Restrictions and Standards as Other Events at US Capitol Building During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Purple Sash Revolution and the Christian Defense Coalition were denied permission to have over 50 participants at their prayer events at the Capitol by the U.S. Capitol Police Board. Below is the response they received:

“Therefore, the U.S. Capitol Police will be unable to process your application as filed with a listed seventy-five (75) to one hundred fifty (150) participants. At the time the application was submitted in person to the Special Events Section, you were advised that such activities are prohibited by the U.S. Capitol Police Board Order 20.12, placing restrictions on mass gatherings on U.S. Capitol Grounds.”

The groups sent a letter to the Architect of the Capitol asking, “Will the presidential inauguration at the United States Capitol be held to the same crowd restrictions that every group and event at the Capitol is held to?”
The letter went on to say, “… it would be clearly unconstitutional and discriminatory for the Presidential Inauguration to exceed the crowd limitations set by Capitol Police Board Order 20.12, Declaration of Emergency.”
The groups went on to remind the Architect of the Capitol, “The beauty of America is that all are treated equally regarding the application of justice and the law. It doesn’t matter if one is the President of the United States or a lone individual from a marginalized community. ‘Equal Justice Under Law,’ must be the cornerstone of our nation.”
See the letter sent to the Architect of the Capitol by the groups attorney here.
Purple Sash Revolution is part of the Stanton Public Policy Center which is a woman’s advocacy and educational group that works on issues of human rights and justice which empower and inspire women.  It is affiliated with Stanton Healthcare which has life-affirming women’s health clinics in America and internationally.

Based in Washington, D.C., the Christian Defense Coalition works with activists and churches across America challenging the Christian community to live their faith out in the public square regarding issues of Biblical justice and human rights.

Brandi Swindell, Founder and CEO of Stanton Public Policy Center, states, “No one is above the law and even the presidential inauguration should be held to the same standards and restrictions as every other individual, event and group gathering on the grounds of the United States Capitol.”