Out of the Mouth of Babes


You would think that racial bigotry would have ended with the victories of the Civil Rights Movement in the sixties. But it doesn’t take a degree in sociology to understand that racism remains a scourge in our society today.  

From Charleston, South Carolina to Charlottesville, Virginia, we’ve seen more than our share of racial strife in the news. There are some who choose to ignore this problem, pretending it doesn’t really exist, while others exacerbate it by leveraging tragedy for political profit. The first group are like firefighters who ignore the call of a home on fire. They justify their lack of response by looking at all the intact undamaged homes across the city and declaring, “We don’t have a fire problem!” The second group are like firefighters who show up on the scene but instead of dousing water on the flames, they pump gasoline through their hoses accelerating the destruction of the house.
What is the answer to all of this madness?

As is often the case, the answer is right in front of us, found in the most unlikely of places.
Every single week, expectant mothers come into Stanton Healthcare of Boise to get an ultrasound of their baby—an ultrasound that is provided free of charge thanks to the donations of our generous supporters. The ultrasound is such a beautiful marvel of technology that speaks volumes about philosophy, theology, and at a deeper level, our own humanity.  
The monochromatic screen does not reveal skin color, race, ethnicity or religion. It doesn’t predict the place of birth, social status, or degree of education. It reveals form and substance. Fingers. Toes. Heartbeat. Head. Nose. Mouth. Substance with DNA and a living soul. Everything that we have in common with our fellow man. On this screen black or white is black and white.
We see a shared image—the image of our Creator God. And looking at this image we imagine. We imagine possibilities and potential, lengthening the list of what we have in common. Everybody has a future. It is up to us to determine what kind of future that will be. At Stanton we are creating a future of hope and peace.

Image. Imagine. Hope.
This year alone Stanton Boise has performed over 200 ultrasounds on clients with 68 babies born and counting! Your partnership with Stanton allows us to project hope and purpose to a world where senseless violence and tragedy has become the norm. Together, we are conquering hate one life at a time.

Jason Herring
Director of Ministry Outreach