The New Complaint Campaign of Planned Parenthood & Co.

by Jay Hobbs – – January 6, 2017

As she drove by A Preferred Women’s Health Center on her way into work Friday morning, Tonya Baker Nelson noticed what she sees too many mornings: a parking lot full of cars—every one of them representing a woman ending her child’s life through abortion at the Raleigh, N.C., clinic.

Right next door to the clinic stands the house Baker Nelson’s pro-life pregnancy help organization purchased a year ago in hopes of offering each of those women one last chance to save her child’s life from abortion.

A year into a protracted battle to rezone the residence into a life-saving outpost, Baker Nelson will need to clear one more hurdle after the abortion business filed a complaint with the city three days after Christmas in a last-ditch effort to stop the pro-life site from opening.

It’s a story that sounds eerily similar to Brandi Swindell, the founder and CEO of Stanton Healthcare, whose relocation effort next to a Planned Parenthood mega-center in Meridian, Idaho prompted the abortion giant’s Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands regional affiliate to file a suit against the pro-life nonprofit in November.

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