Stanton Healthcare Thrown Out of ‘Women’s March on Washington’

Contact: Kate Bryan, 202-567-7681
WASHINGTON, Jan. 18, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Stanton Healthcare which was initially accepted as a “Partner” for the WMW, has now been removed by march organizers.

Stanton provides quality healthcare free of charge to low income women, women with unexpected pregnancies and the refugee communities.

With other women’s groups that embrace a pro-life message being removed from the WMW, it is now clear that this is not a “Women’s” March at all but an anti-Trump and pro-choice march.

Brandi Swindell, Stanton Founder and President, states;

“As a single woman who started a women’s healthcare clinic and a pro-life feminist, I think it is important that there is inclusion, diversity and a broad spectrum of opinions at the ‘Women’s March on Washington.

“That is why we thought it was so important to mobilize women who embrace ending the violence of abortion and standing for human rights and justice for all.

“If the voice of pro-life women is excluded from the WMW, then it is not really a ‘Women’s March’ at all.  Rather, it is an anti-Trump march, a pro-choice march or a Planned Parenthood march.  To truly be called a ‘Women’s March,’ all our sister’s voices, thoughts, viewpoints and stories need to be heard. 

“Let’s be clear on this point, the WMW has turned into a purely partisan political rally and march with no regard for hearing from or listening to all women’s voices.  Shame on them for using the term ‘women’ to advance their political agenda.”

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