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Stanton Healthcare: East of Scotland

In Scotland, women from deprived areas are up to 3 times more likely to present for abortion than women from wealthy areas. In the last 10 years abortion rates among poor women have increased by 25% while abortions for the wealthy have actually gone down. In Edinburgh, our capital city, abortion centers are almost exclusively situated in the poorest areas.

Stanton Healthcare East of Scotland is opening soon in the heart of Edinburgh, and will provide critical care to women who believe they have no other choice but abortion. 

Through this vital work we can continue to build a culture of life in our villages, towns and cities. We know women are most empowered when SHE is offered the right love and support to choose life for her and her baby. 

Our Doors of Hope will always be open to women in crisis who want our help to continue their pregnancy.

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Registered Scottish charity (SC051362)

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64A Cumberland St, Edinburgh,
EH3 6RE, United Kingdom

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