The Revolution


Over 100 years have passed since the Nineteenth Amendment was adopted, but the fight for equality and justice continues. Today, America is facing another battle regarding a great social injustice and human rights violation: abortion violence and the tragic impact it has on our nation and women.

Just as the suffragists would not be silent 100 years ago, so we will not be silent on the issue of abortion today! In this historic election year, let’s stand together as a powerful voice for justice and human rights!

Order your purple sash today, and wear it proudly to pro-life gatherings and rallies, church services, public events, legislative meetings which are discussing abortion, and women’s forums and conferences. The vivid color and powerful message of the purple sashes are a great conversation starter and public witness.

Follow our Purple Sash Revolution Facebook page and Instagram for ongoing events and updates, add our Facebook frame to your profile, and invite others to join the #PurpleSashRevolution.

Post about your activities on social media, encourage discussion of the topic of abortion, and above all, advocate boldly for our sisters and brothers in the womb.

Through our witness, the Purple Sash Revolution will create a powerful, prophetic picture for the world to see revealing how these innocent children have no rights or freedoms.


In social media posts of your purple sash activities, tweets and hashtags could include:

  • Early feminists and suffragists stood against abortion violence. Let’s join them.
  • It’s time to boldly stand for human rights and justice for all!
  • “Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.” Today I stand with Alice Paul and the suffragists who have gone before, declaring that human rights begin in the womb!
Important Note: While the sashes alone are a powerful message, if you would like to incorporate signs in your public activities, please note that any signs should reflect the messages contained under the hashtags and quotes found on this website. Under NO circumstances should signs have harsh words and messages or violent themes.




to End Abortion
Join the #PurpleSashRevolution on January 22 at the U.S. Supreme Court: shaping history and ending abortion through the power of prayer!
Pray To End Abortion


The Sash

Order a purple sash for yourself and your friends. Wear it everywhere and post on social media. The vivid color and powerful message of the purple sashes are a great conversation starter and public witness.

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